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Does anyone actually read these things?
Because I'm contemplating taking some time to write a few but I don't want to find out it's a waste.

So yeah, if (unlike me) you actually enjoy reading journal posts, please leave me a comment saying so.

That is all.


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Kathryn McCracken
United States
I'm not an artist, really.
I wouldn't call myself a poet either.
Actually, I'd call myself an artist before I called myself a poet. Art isn't my desired profession, my obsession or even my escape. It's sort of just a part of me--like my left hand or my right eye. Nothing more, nothing less.

I love watercolors but will use acrylics when I can get my hands on them. I've just recently begun to delve into the worlds of poetry and collage. To be honest, I have no idea what I'm doing, so encouragement/critique is the only thing keeping me going right now.

So yeah.
That's me.
Or, at least, what little of me I can fit here. :)

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I'm good at paralyzing myself with guilt. Once I realized I've made a mistake, I never want to face it. And when that mistake is far enough away that I can avoid it if I wish... Well then, I disappear.

But that's so cruel and cowardly.

Do you text? Do you have a secret Facebook? Can we start over as curious internet acquaintances and see if this time I can keep up with it?

You have my phone number, I believe. Text me. Or email me ( We don't have to start over. We can just part if you wish. But I had to try. If only because it's the first time in months I've been able to drum up the courage.
No, no secret facebook. No cell phone either. Come now Krakken, if I had those things do you think I would have sat out here so long?

No, no I don't actually have your number either. I lose things often, you know. Especially important things.

I would also, if you'd be so kind, like updated mailing information. I haven't written a proper letter to anyone in months.
samanthapolly23 Apr 19, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Your art is like what my soul has been looking for, there is nothing like it. I am amazed

keep it up, please
Still haven't been able to raise you Kathryn. Hope all is well.
So I haven't heard from you in ages. Did you get the package?
Thanks for the fave :)
No problem :)

I only fav things I want to go back and look at/read again. So yeah. I've really been enjoying your poetry.
Welcome to the 'Fault in Our Stars' Group!
We're so glad you could join us :huggle:
You. I'ma gonna call you tomorrow, m'kay?
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